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Dumpster Diving

Dumpster Diving!

So you're new. During the first six weeks on Powerpets, you can dive through the dumpster and pick up things veteran players no longer have a need for. Pick up to three items every day! Enjoy.

Your account no longer qualifies for dumpster diving

Simple Gift

Canada Cuddly

Pink Chinese Dragon

The Special Toy

Blue Koi Stuffy

Snow Ducky Stuffy

Snow Ducky Stuffy

Rusty in the Arena

Blue Unicorn Stuffy

Green Tea Pretzel Sticks

Green Tea Pretzel Sticks

Lemon Twinsicle

Rabbit Stew

Story of SunnyGirl

Skull Whistle

Carrot Sword

Green Handheld Game

Pink Zebra Spring Toy

Blood Bone

Tibetan Yak Puff Ball
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