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As a long time guest of Abyss, Ratti had adapted well. The only problem she has is that any books she attempts to read under water seem to disintegrate rather quick. Maybe if you bring some books to Ratti, she will reward you with a waterproof edition of an Abyss or Badgeria pet or health pedia.

Items you can gain from this quest:

PetPedia - Yorkshire TerrierPetPedia - Yorkshire Terrier
PetPedia - SkunkPetPedia - Skunk
PetPedia - RaccoonPetPedia - Raccoon
PetPedia - Wild BoarPetPedia - Wild Boar
PetPedia - PorcupinePetPedia - Porcupine
PetPedia - PigPetPedia - Pig
PetPedia - HarePetPedia - Hare
HealthPedia - SuidaeHealthPedia - Suidae
HealthPedia - ProcyonidaeHealthPedia - Procyonidae
HealthPedia - HystricidaeHealthPedia - Hystricidae
PetPedia - LynxPetPedia - Lynx
PetPedia - MinkPetPedia - Mink
PetPedia - PigeonPetPedia - Pigeon
PetPedia - PoodlePetPedia - Poodle
PetPedia - SheepPetPedia - Sheep
HealthPedia - MephitidaeHealthPedia - Mephitidae
PetPedia - Giant SquidPetPedia - Giant Squid
PetPedia - Sea TurtlePetPedia - Sea Turtle
PetPedia - DolphinPetPedia - Dolphin
PetPedia - Moray EelPetPedia - Moray Eel
Petpedia - OrcaPetpedia - Orca
PetPedia - Sea OtterPetPedia - Sea Otter
HealthPedia - DelphinidaeHealthPedia - Delphinidae
PetPedia - Bernese Mtn DogPetPedia - Bernese Mtn Dog

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