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My name is Lisha. Tanos is my home town. If you find me maybe I can get you some kangabucks or do your pet a favor. For now, let me show you what else you can do on Powerpets.

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Thanks to an intricate system that automatically balances most items available, along with an extensive array of quests, jobs and tasks that require items, our economy remains very stable regardless of the number of players. Aside from the large variety of manners in which to obtain items, we also offer many ways to sell your items including shops, swap barn and auctions. One of the key features of obtaining this stable economy is to ensure almost all items on the site have at least one purpose.


Adopt one or more pets from a selection of 80 different ones. Each pet can be colored in more than 40 shades. Pets can become ill or even die if severely neglected. You can increase your pets strength and skill in order to advance further in the game.


Minis are companions for your pets. Find Evolution Eggs and hatch them to gain more minis.


Caution! While playing on Powerpets you may learn facts about a large variety of animals, from ants to hippos.

Dress up

Dress up your user character. With thousands of clothing items available, there are billions of possible combinations.


Powerpets contains a comprehensive game catalog of more than 60 flash and collection games. Enough to keep you busy all day, every day. Become the best at them and gain weekly game badges for selected games.

Power Federation

A unique feature is our Power Federation. Join other groups of players to make your city the best! Generate resources, set up a restaurant or playzone. You can even create your own items in your kitchen, workshop or hydroponics room.


Powerpets offers a large variety of options to get in touch with your fellow players. Forums, Power mail, PP Instant Messenger and Chat rooms are available throughout the site.

Random Events

Randomness can be fun! Discover the many random events that could bring you wealth... or take it all away. What will happen to you next?


Outside of the main storyline, once or twice a year there are mini plots. Participate in them to discover the treasure at the end of it.

Support System

To top it all off, there is a huge network of player based assistance to help you get started. Should you ever get stuck, contacting staff is very easy. All staff play on the site by the same rules as players.


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