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Features and Statistics

I am Gekkie. After a long wait, I finally became an Elder when my grandfather passed away. In order to do this you have to be great at every aspect in the Cities. Maybe one day, you can do the same. Here are some of the goals and achievements you can find around the cities.

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Site Goals

These are the major goals on the site itself. Becoming Elite and unlocking the mystery of the 5 stones are the main goals you should strive towards in order to feel accomplished on Powerpets.


After you finish unlocking most or all of the Cities, visit the Power Temple in Xiang Chung-Shi. Here you will find the tasks you need to complete in order to become Elite and lose your newbie status. The tasks are fairly easy and will help you become familiar with Powerpets.

5 Stones

The mystery of the 5 stones is what Powerpets is all about - complete the mystery in order to increase your pet's skills, allowing your pet to perform more tasks.

Supreme Elite

If you're up to the challenge, you can try to become Supreme Elite. This will open up a few additional features on Powerpets, such as adopting extra pets and special forum layouts.

Extreme Elite

This goal is only for the best of the best. There are only a few players world-wide able to attain this goal. Be prepared to spend several years on Powerpets before you are even close to reaching this goal.

Individual Achievements

These achievements are mainly for bragging rights and to build up your user profile.

Bureau of Statistics

There are many categories in the Bureau of Statistics. Find one you can excel at and try to get to number 1!

Game Badges

Our most popular games offer weekly game badges to those who are best at the game. Try to earn all the game badges.

Item collections

Set up a gallery or use the collecting games to build up a supreme collection. The collection games offer great prizes and trophies as well.

Game Ranks

Challenge other players to games and see if you can beat them and build up your Game Rank.

Battle Stage ranks

Put up your pet against villains and defeat them all to protect the Cities of Powerpets!


There are many different trophies and awards that you can obtain to make your user profile look spiffy!


Conquer games and get rewarded to do so.


Good at writing? Once you own property in a PF city, you can write your own stories and get them published for other players to read!

PF Magnat

Aspire to become the next Donald Trump? Maybe you can in the PF cities! Who knows, you could even become mayor.

Action Teams

Participate in these player run games in order to gain points and shop at the exclusive AT store.

Five Stones
Game Ranks
Newest Contest
10 Kangabucks
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Action TeamChallenge Race
Party Room